Architectural and Civil Engineering

The need for sound infrastructure to stimulate growth in developing countries is well-recognized. Socio-economic development and economic growth in lagging areas require the implementation of roads, highways, irrigation, water supply, power supply, renewable energy, ports, fishery harbors, railways, inter modal transport, airports, IT and telecommunication. Underpinning these larger schemes and programs are medium scale urban and rural infrastructure projects in local authorities, health, education, agriculture, fisheries and local administration contexts.

Associated with these efforts RDC has a rich depth of experience in design and development of sustainable infrastructure to meet expanding needs of communities and governments that can also link to larger program contexts.

In recent times the demand for improved quality of services by communities throughout Asia has brought pressure on governing and planning bodies for projects of this type.

Through this portfolio of work RDC's expertise has matured to provide good integration of local needs and infrastructure development to meet wider national and regional goals.

  • Technical assistance for project planning and formulation
  • Design of target infrastructure facilities
  • Investigation of social and environmental implications
  • Construction supervision and project Implementation
  • Urban / rural / community surveys / meetings to support institutional sustainability
  • Institutional development and capacity building for improved service delivery
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