Women in Development, Gender and Conflict Studies

Imbedded in the impetus towards a good society and social well-being the fields of Women in Development, Gender and Conflict Studies endeavor to bring social, behavioral and psychological findings into the work place. RDC being a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice has on their consultant data-base experts in these sectors and capacity to address these concerns in project management.

Associated with development programs in Sri Lanka addressing recovery from conflict period in the country as well as infrastructure programs addressing women’s livelihoods, development requirements and issues, RDC has gained experience in this regard.

  • Formulation of strategies to increase the involvement of women in the development process.
  • Improving women’s access to resources with the objective of poverty alleviation and equitable development.
  • Integration of project interventions to support gender balance and conflict prevention and ensuring do-no-harm in interventions as relevant in project services.
  • Analysis of issues are undertaken as part of larger project activities or stand-alone studies as relevant to assignment
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