Ports, Harbours and Fishery Anchorages

In the last decade Sri Lanka has forged forward in the Shipping and Ports industry area with the goal of taking the economy to a new level of vibrancy. RDC has been associated with these efforts both in major Port development projects as well as harbour and fishery anchorage feasibility and construction that support this process. Further the firm is equipped to carry out studies to address requirements for environment and social safeguards in designing.

In recent times, carrying out services on milestone Port and Harbour projects in the country such as the Colombo Port development program and Hambantota harbour development studies, RDC’s portfolio of work in the sector has grown to better meet wider national and regional developmental goals.

  • Project planning and formulation in Ports, Harbours and Fishery Anchorages
  • Investigation of social and environmental implications
  • Design of target infrastructure and facilities
  • Construction supervision and project Implementation
  • Community surveys and Stakeholder meetings to support institutional sustainability
  • Institutional development and capacity building for improved service delivery
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