Environment and Natural Resource Planning

Concern for the environment is a key factor in development, and today both infrastructure and natural resource planning takes special note of environment criteria and safeguards in planning and designing interventions. RDC has been engaged in carrying out environmental impact studies (EIA) on infrastructure development initiatives since the early eighties. Since these early experiences the capacity in this sector has grown and the company has carried out several EIA assignments associated with roads and highways, power, irrigation, water supply, solid waste, ports and harbour projects. Capability in formulating environmental solutions involving environmental engineering services such as geo-technical, surface water and mining studies can be packaged along with other project services. These can be components within infrastructure projects or incorporated into broader natural resource planning objectives as relevant.

Associated with national and regional planning, RDC has engaged on a significant number of projects that have involved wild life, forestry, coastal, mineral and other natural resource planning objectives. These have been a part of resource specific studies or regional development projects that have included multiple productivity sectors for economic growth, livelihood development and accountability to grass-root communities and ingenuous/tribal groups.

Gene classification of fauna/flora and assessments in varying habitats and ecosystems for planning purposes are also carried out.

  • Environmental Classification
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Emissions and pollution monitoring
  • Geo-technical studies
  • Reforestation and Watershed Management
  • Coastal Resources Conservation and Management
  • Wildlife Conservation and Protected Area Management
  • Forest Resources Development
  • Community/Stakeholder consultations for Environment and Social accountability
  • Recommending and Implementing Environmental Safeguards
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