Institutional Strengthening

Efficient finance and management services are vital to setting in place effective systems of operation and value addition. While RDC’s experience began in the infrastructure sector, very quickly our expertise grew to undertake institutional strengthening, financial analysis and modelling, management and information systems design, along with development of associated training modules.

Today, we have a solid base of expertise and experience to carry out finance, management and institutional strengthening services in Governance, Finance and Infrastructure organisations.

Working with prevailing conditions, cultures and capacity, RDC’s experts engage to build up the financial and management systems and skills for enhanced delivery of services.

Good management in the context of culture is a key requirement for effectiveness. Recognising this fact as a growing requirement in the emerging Asian countries, RDC’s experts, exposed to the best of the east and west, are well placed to provide transformative services.

Profile of Services

  • Public Finance Management
  • Restructuring Administrative and Management Systems
  • Human Resource Development and Training
  • Design of MIS Systems
  • Customer demand Analysis
  • Design of service delivery mechanisms
  • Review and revision of regulatory mechanisms
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Countries in which RDC has carried out services in the sector include the Lao PDR, Cambodia, China, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan and Afghanistan; along with wide experience in Sri Lanka.

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