ADB Advisory TA - Establishment of a National Audit Office in Lao, PDR

The ADB is assisting the Government of Laos in restructuring of the Administrative and Management Systems of the Government Service. The development of an independent audit system was considered an important requirement for good governance. As an initial step, the ADB Technical Assistance Programme funded a project to assist the Government of Lao PDR in: (a) establishing an independent audit authority within the Government; (b) setting up rules and procedures of the authority, and (c) training the officials assigned to the authority on basic accounting and auditing skills. It also called for the drafting of the Prime Minister's Decree to facilitate the establishment of the new audit authority. Once this initial TA is concluded, the ADB will fund a loan project for the operation of an audit office within the government machinery of Laos.

Project details

  • Name of client Asian Development Bank
  • Location Vientiane, Lao
  • Country Laos
  • Start date August 1998
  • Completion date September 1999
  • Origin of funding Asian Development Bank
  • Name of partners

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