Southern Transport Development Project, OECF Funded Section SIA, EIA, Preliminary Engineering and Detailed Design

A Feasibility Study for a new highway from Colombo to Matara was completed in March 1999. This included an evaluation of the land tenure, land ownership patterns, land values, socio-economic and political parameters of relocation and resettlement of affected families. Following on the findings and subsequent discussions, a decision was taken by the GOSL to carry out preliminary and detailed engineering designs for the construction of a new highway along the broad alignment recommended by the Consultants.

OECF is funding the cost of services for the section of the road from Colombo (Kottawa) to Kurudugahahetekpma (44th control point) of approximately 64 kms in length and will basically be constructed as a two lane highway with no median or 4 lanes with median. The number of lanes are to be determined through the feasibility review of the proposed Engineering Study.

Project details

  • Name of client Road Development Authority (RDA)
  • Location Western and Southern Province, Sri Lanka
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date May 2000
  • Completion date January 2001
  • Origin of funding OECF Funded
  • Name of partnersPacific Consultants International - Japan, Japan Bridge & Structure Institute

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