WB assisted Road Sector Assistance Project – Consultancy Services for Rural Roads Improvement Programme

The Project includes a pilot component on rural roads and three provinces were chosen to participate in the pilot project, namely, North Central, Southern and Uva and three Pradeshiya Sabhas from each province were selected based on the poverty map of Sri Lanka.

Rural roads suffer from poor selection, poor construction and, most crucially, insufficient resources for maintenance. Over the years, the rural road network has continued to expand without due consideration being given to maintenance. The Rural Roads Pilot Component was aimed at focusing on the improvement and maintenance of the core network of the nine participating Pradeshiya Sabhas.

The expected outputs from the study were – (i) identification of Pradeshiya Sabhas, and (ii) rural road improvement programs for these Pradeshiya Sabhas

Project details

  • Name of client Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government
  • Location 9 Pradeshiya Sabhas in Southern, Uva and North Central Provinces
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date January 2007
  • Completion date May 2007
  • Origin of funding WB
  • Name of partnersBCEOM of France

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