ADB assisted TA-8835 SRI: Institutional Development of NWSDB /CDTA/2015 Capacity Development TA Project Consultant (48276-001)

The overall objective of this assignment is to assist NWSDB to enhance its institutional capabilities by restructuring its current institutional structure, establish a regulatory division to maintain the standard, quality and operations, capacity building in Planning and Design Section, Project Management, establish an environmental and social section and enhance management capabilities of NRW Management Section.

The CDTA – Capacity Development Technical Assistance project consultant will engage with the NWSDB under ADB assistance to provide assistance towards these objectives.

The envisaged impact of the project is to improve sustainability of WSS services provided by NWSDB to the community of country; as well as enhance the capability of NWSDB in several functional areas

Project details

  • Name of client ADB/ National Water Supply and Drainage Board
  • Location Colombo
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date January 2016
  • Completion date December 2016
  • Origin of funding ADB
  • Name of partnersSuez Environment of France

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