Review of Options for the Development of Ground and Surface Water Irrigation Project ADB TA

RDC is the Lead Firm on this project for the BWDB, the agency responsible for the development of surface irrigation and Flood Control and drainage (FCD) Schemes in Bangladesh. The BWDB handles 4 major surface water schemes. The main objective of the study was to review the scope of existing schemes to identify areas within these and other minor schemes which are not adequately supplied with water for irrigation during the dry season. These areas lacking in water resources although originally envisaged for surface irrigation, were being considered suitable for minor irrigation using ground water. The implications of the project on the environment, economy and community development were assessed as part of the project objectives.

Project details

  • Name of client Asian Development Bank/Bangladesh Water Development Board
  • Location North Western, Southern regions of Bangladesh
  • Country Bangladesh
  • Start date January 1992
  • Completion date August 1992
  • Origin of funding ADB
  • Name of partners

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