Land Mobilization Project – IBRD Loan 3051-PNG

The main purpose of this project was to contribute to economic growth through more productive use of land resources, whilst promoting equity, employment, participation and social stability. Project aims were to achieve the following key objectives : (a) creating a clear policy and legislative environment to promote investment in land; (b) enabling customary land owners to increasingly participate in the development of their own land; (c) providing effective land services to all land users (surveying, land transfer and disposal; title registration, evaluation, land acquisition, dispute settlement, mapping, the physical planning); (d) transferring land administration responsibilities from the national government to the provincial government; and, (e) optimizing the use of the stock of alienated land.

Project details

  • Name of client Department of Lands and Physical Planning, Papua New Guinea
  • Location Countrywide
  • Country Papua New Guinea
  • Start date September 1992
  • Completion date October 1992
  • Origin of funding IBRD
  • Name of partners

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