Sustainable Chennai Project - Final Impact Evaluation

The objective of the Project was to promote environmentally sustainable socio-economic development and growth in Chennai through better co-ordinated public / private sector broad-based participatory decision-making. Strengthening of local capacities to better manage environmental development interactions through the preparation and implementation of improved environmental action plans and “doable” projects was envisaged through the Project. The doable projects on solid waste management were important as they addressed the issue with participatory management approaches on the one hand and at individual family level, small community group level and through private sector interventions on the other.

Project details

  • Name of client United Nations Commission on Human Settlements & United Nations Development Programme
  • Location Chennai
  • Country India
  • Start date 3rd May 1999
  • Completion date 17th May 1999
  • Origin of funding UNDP
  • Name of partners

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