ADB Loan No. 2752:Program Management and Institutional Strengthening – PMIC - for Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program - Project 1

The Project derives from a request from the Government of Armenia and the Yerevan Municipality to the ADB to define a strategic plan to improve infrastructure that would transform Yerevan and other Secondary Cities into a livable cities. The tranche 1 of the project will focus on improving Urban Transport in Yerevan aligned with the Urban Development Master Plan of Yerevan City and Secondary Cities to promote sustainable, integrated, socially affordable and cost efficient urban transport systems in Armenia. One of the key aspects of the programs is the reorganization of the surface road and public transport network into a hierarchical network

Project details

  • Name of client Yerevan Municipality
  • Location Yerevan
  • Country Republic of Armenia
  • Start date April 2013
  • Completion date November 2013
  • Origin of funding ADB
  • Name of partners

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