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In taking up new projects RDC responds to changing markets and new aspirations of clients and societies in which it seeks to be engaged in and provide quality, cost effective and enduring services. Presently the firm is engaged on several projects covering areas of inter connected disciplines.

On-going key projects among these comprise sectors that include Local and National Infrastructure, Rural Roads, Highways, Commercial Container Ports, Fishery Harbours, Water Supply, Building Standards for Housing and Construction Supervision, inter alia in the engineering domain, and Institutional Strengthening, Local Governance, SM & Rural Industries, Livelihood Development, Vocational Training, Solid Waste Management, Public Awareness Creation, etc. from among the range of disciplines and services carried out by the firm.

Provided herein are brief profiles of selected projects representative of our ongoing work.

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Sri Lanka's new Sky-line Drive-The old Daha Ata Wanguwa Road-Reconstructed.
His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa, opened on 18th May 2012 at Uda Dumbara, the newly improved section of the Kandy-Mahiyangana Road from Udatenna to Mahiyangana which included the famous 18 hairpin bend road popularly known as the "Daha Ata Wanguwa Para". This Project, which included the widening of the roadway including the 18 nos. hairpin bends and structures in a very difficult hilly terrain were undertaken by the Road Development Authority under the direction of the Project Director, National Highways Sector Project. The Construction work was undertaken by Keangnam Enterprises Ltd under the supervision of Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Partners of UK and RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS (PVT) LTD., who provided the local engineers and technical staff for the successful completion of the project.

WB funded Construction Supervision for Health Facility Constructions for Health Sector Support Programme (HSSP2) for Ministry of Health (MoH), Cambodia
This project, operational in 22 of 24 Provinces of Cambodia, is defined as the wider development partner support provided to the government for implementation of the Health Strategic Plan (HSP2). The overall scope of services include - construction supervision, ensuring quality of construction works, adherence to specifications and timely completion of works. The consultants' role includes interface and management of all aspects of construction works, administration of the contract and being responsible for efficient implementation through careful monitoring of contractor performance. The project will build and equip 102 health centres and 73 additional delivery rooms under WB assistance.

Dry Zone Urban Water & Sanitation Project, Sri Lanka,
ADB Assisted - Package C

Project developed by the Government of Sri Lanka to improve water supply and sanitation in the urban areas of the northern and north-western dry zone of the country, namely districts of Chilaw, Puttalam, Mannar and Vavuniya. The expected impact of the Project is to 'improve physical well-being of urban populations in Sri Lanka's dry zone'. To this end, the Project consists of 3 key components, a. improve and expand infrastructure and services, b. strengthen institutions in the water sector for better service delivery and resource management, and c. build project management and implementation capacity. The said assignment is part of component c. of the project.
Project Implementation Support for JICA assisted Rural Road Development Project, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
This project especially targets the issue of poor road conditions in rural areas of the Eastern Province. These roads had been neglected due to the long conflict situation affecting the area. With return of normalcy, this program is part of the government efforts to facilitate access to marketing and purchase of produce, and to social benefits such as education, health and culture to the people of these areas.
Greater Colombo Wastewater Management Project ADB assisted Institutional Development Consultancy
The project envisages upgrading run down wastewater assets inadequately maintained causing severe problems in ensuring required wastewater collection and disposal services in the Greater Colombo area. Previous studies have identified urgent needs as: a. rehabilitation of the assets, b. improved performance by the operators and c. adequate funding for O & M of the assets. In this institutional consultancy for this project RDC in association with Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd of Australia is providing the services of an Engineer / Institutional Development Specialist / Team Leader, Wastewater Engineer cum Asset Management Specialist and an IT Specialist to lead the provision of change management support to the Colombo Municipal Council.
Mid Term Evaluation for Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project - IDA/WB funded
The Dam Safety Water Resources Planning Project (DSWRPP) is a multi - faceted five year project with IDA/WB assistance to reduce risks and vulnerability of downstream population to hazards from major dams and ensure safety procedures are in place. The project includes two broad development objectives: a. establishing long-term sustainable arrangements for O & M of large dams; and b. improving water resources planning. The Mid Term Evaluation (MTE) provided the opportunity to the Government of Sri Lanka and the World Bank to collectively re-examine the project during the mid course of it implementation to make adjustments as necessary.
Implementation of Community Development Programme for Tourism Resources Improvement Project (TRIP) - JICA assistance to Ministry of Economic Development
The Tourism Resources Improvement Project is being implemented in four pilot sites, namely, Negombo, Anuradhapura, Nuwara Eliya, and Sigiriya. The overall objectives of the Project are to increase income levels of people, enable poverty alleviation through enhanced foreign exchange earning, and create job opportunities in the tourism sector by increasing local and foreign tourism. The Community Development Programme (CDP) is one of the components of the Project. The objectives of the CDP are to: a. improve the perceptions of community members towards tourism, b. encourage constructive community participation in sustainable tourism development, c. increase flow of tourism benefits to all stakeholders in the project sites and develop capacity of local agencies to make greater contribution for tourism development in project areas.
Eastern and North Central Provincial Roads Project - Project Implementation Consultant for North Central Province - ADB Loan
The key objective of the project was to assist the Provincial -Road Development Authority (P-RDA) to implement the project by carrying out supervision, administration of civil works contracts, conduct on-the-job training for the P-RDA staff, develop project performance management system, and progress reporting. RDC provided a construction supervisory team along with ten Assistant Resident Engineers, Environmentalist and Social Safeguards specialist.
Colombo Port Expansion Project - ADB Loan
The overall objective of the project is to expand the Port of Colombo to realize its potential as an internationally competitive hub port in South Asia. The expanded port will provide facilities to accommodate the largest generation of mainline ships which will benefit the Sri-Lankan economy. The Loan will finance dredging, reclamation, breakwater construction and related ancillary works for the planned works on the Colombo Port Expansion Project. RDC provided the services of Design Engineers, Cost Engineers, AREs for different aspects, Hydrographic Surveyor, Materials/Geotechnical Engineers and Environmentalists.
Outer Circular Road
Outer Circular Highway (OCH) to the city of Colombo is a new access controlled circular highway, linking Colombo-Katunayake Expressway (CKE) and Southern Transport Development Project (STDP). It will connect the north and south more quickly as a bypass to the Colombo city and disperse the traffic in Colombo more effectively and ease congestions in the metropolitan area. The scope of the services is to provide assistance in the procurement and construction supervision of the contract works.
Local Government Infrastructure Improvement Project - ADB Loan
The objective of the project is to improve, upgrade, and expand urban infrastructure facilities and basic urban services - water supply, urban roads, urban drainage and sewerage, solid waste management, and small scale community infrastructure such as basic health clinic etc. in six provinces of local authorities (LAs) in Sri Lanka. The project also involves institutional strengthening and capacity building of State, Provincial, and Local Authorities and agencies in urban management and urban services provision, as well as poverty reduction initiatives developed through stakeholder participation. RDC provided a supervisory team consisting of Team leader, Municipal Engineers, Finance, Environment, Social, Water Supply and Roads Engineering Specialists.
Provision of Services for the Conduct of Community Awareness Programme in the Ampara District - Cluster 1 & 2, UNOPS/EU funded
The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), with European Union (EU), has been supporting the Environmental Remediation Programme (ERP) in the Ampara district to assist in strengthening its natural resource and environment base, through three main components: (a) Solid waste collection and Management. (b) Drainage construction in flood prone urban areas. (c) Environment restoration through planting of trees in coastal and tsunami affected areas and along roadsides. The Programme undertakes mobilization and implementation of awareness creation in selected LA areas, construction of SWM facilities and capacity development. RDC provided the services of Team Leader/Community awareness coordinator, Solid Waste Management Adviser, Area Project Leaders for the relevant areas and Environmentalists.
Second Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project - TA for Project Implementation - Trincomalee and Ampara districts, Sri Lanka
The Project assists Provincial Councils and sub-unit Pradeshiya Sabhas to facilitate Community Based Organisations (CBO) management towards providing improved water supply and sanitation facilities to selected Grama Niladhari Divisions (GNs) in the country. The project aims to decentralize the implementation of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) activities to Provincial and Local levels and promote a community-based participatory approach where beneficiary communities are expected to contribute towards the decision-making process at all stages of sub-project implementation. The Project consisted of four main components: (a) Rural Water S&S schemes in villages and estates. (b) Implementation support by Partner Organisations (POs). (c) Program management and capacity building. (d) RWSS development in North and East Provinces. RDC provided services of Team Leader / Community Development Specialist; Technical Specialist; Hydro-geologist; 3 Senior Technical Officers and 3 Financial Assistants.

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