ADB Advisory and Operational Technical Assistance No. 1239-PNG - Agriculture Credit and Rural Savings Study

Due to the lack of involvement of the formal financial system in the rural sector in general and the smallholder sector in particular, and the systems and instruments employed by the formal financial system not being compatible with the socio cultural milieu of the different clans that comprise PNG’s rural community, the need to review and redesign the practices adopted by the financial institutions in PNG in order to make them compatible with the needs and socio cultural characteristics of the different clans which it must serve, has been recognized.. Furthermore, the sustained development of the smallholder sector and the successful implementation of the Government’s development program would require that the banking system extends itself into that sector and is able to meet their financial needs to bring the entire smallholder community within the influence of cash and market economy. The technical assistance (TA) program will, inter alia, assess feasible ways in which this need could be fulfilled. The TA will be responsible for the assessment of the Rural Agricultural Financial Sector covering identification of needs, potential issues, constraints, and an assessment of savings mobilization in the country.

Project details

  • Name of client Asian Development Bank
  • Location Country wide
  • Country Papua New Guinea
  • Start date November 1990
  • Completion date March 1991
  • Origin of funding ADB
  • Name of partnersInstitute for Applied Social & Economic Research (IASER) PNG – Currently known as the National Research Institute (NRI)

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