World Bank funded Netherlands Govt. funded Water Management Improvement Project

The Project is expected to be implemented over a period of seven years. The primary objective of the project is to improve national water resources management by involving the local communities to play an expanded role in all stages of the project cycle. The secondary objective is to enhance institutional performance of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO). The project with its three components, namely - System Improvement and Management Transfer-SIMT: O&M Performance Improvement; and Institutional Improvement, is expected to result in reduced vulnerability and enhanced livelihood opportunities for the beneficiaries, and will also create a favorable environment for improved water management by the core water institutions, in partnership with the beneficiaries. The main objective of the consultancy assignment is to provide quality enhancement support to the project implementation of the government with necessary oversight for all procurement under the project to minimize procurement associated risks with specific reference to the large value contracts.

Project details

  • Name of client Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR)- Bangladesh Water Development Board
  • Location Dhaka
  • Country Bangladesh
  • Start date July 2008
  • Completion date July 2010
  • Origin of funding World Bank
  • Name of partnersConsultant provided to South Asian Management and Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd

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