Sanitary Sewerage System for Buraidah and Unayzah Cities, Flow Calculations

Work consisted of the design of the sewer network for the cities of Buraidah and Unayzah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Preparation of 30 nos. drawings covering Buraidah and 30 nos. drawings covering Unayzah. Flow calculations on all sewerage lines were carried out and all designed manholes and house connections were marked on the drawings. All flow calculations were entered into computer diskettes and submitted together with the completed drawings

Project details

  • Name of client Abalkhail Consulting Engineers, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Location Buraidah and Unayzah Cities
  • Country Saudi Arabia
  • Start date September 1996
  • Completion date May 1997
  • Origin of funding -
  • Name of partners

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