ADB/AFD assisted Design Review and Construction Supervision Consultancy Services (DRCSC) for - Ambathale Water Supply System Improvement and Energy Saving Project

The project will carry out improvements to WS system to meet the demand horizon up to 2040 * improving headworks, * transmission and distribution systems, * minimizing energy consumption, * reduce water loss, * increase service levels, * storage capacities and * introduce new reservoirs to system. The proposed new water arrangements will include -

Rehabiliation/Replacement of Pumps – Reorganizing WS transmission, increasing reliability, replace pumps, construct ground reservoir, laying of larger diameter transmission mains, etc.

Gothatuwa Reservoir – A new location for storage reservoirs where it is proposed to construct 30,000 m3 capacity storage reservoir, in two stages.

Project details

  • Name of client ADB/ National Water Supply and Drainage Board
  • Location Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date January 2016
  • Completion date December 2018
  • Origin of funding ADB/AFD
  • Name of partnersSuez Environment of France, Ceywater

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