EDCF funded Improvement of Padeniya – Anuradhapura Road Project

The objective of the Project was to rehabilitate and improve the Project Road from Padeniya located in the Kurunegala District to Anuradhapura located in the Anuradhapura District in order to meet the increasing traffic demand in the region and contribute to economic growth in the area of influence of the project. The project also involved construction, improvement and repair of 27 bridges along the road, raising of the road level in low-lying areas, improvement of township areas by providing footpaths, parking facilities, planting of trees

Project details

  • Name of client North Western and North Central Provinces
  • Location North Western and North Central Provinces
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date May 2009
  • Completion date November 2012
  • Origin of funding EDCF funded
  • Name of partnersKorea Consultants International

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