Study on Establishment of Community Water Supply & Sanitation Fund

During the past several decades many Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) projects have been implemented to address the issue of providing safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Apart from the Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project which had established over 3,400 RWSS projects there are other schemes established by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Gemi Diriya, other government rural development programmes, and NGOs. Sustainability of these schemes are dependent on the continued existence of Community Based Organisations which need to be guided and supported to ensure their existence as well as that of the facilities constructed.

The cabinet has appointed a committee to design a suitable supportive mechanism to ensure the existence of the CBOs and the schemes.

Project details

  • Name of client Ministry of Water Supply and Drainage
  • Location Sri Lanka
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date June 2010
  • Completion date August 2010
  • Origin of funding WB
  • Name of partners-

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