Harrispattuwa Water Supply Project

The object of the project was to provide safe drinking water and upgrade the health education and sanitary services of the Harrispattuwa Electorate within the Kandy district with a population of about 150,000 people.

The project was a FINNIDA funded project with a total cost of US$ 12 million. Assisted the lead firm in water supply and engineering activities and provided sanitation and health education specialists.

Work included preparation of questionnaires, field investigations, analysis of information regarding the general health situation of the inhabitants of the area and their water use, identification of water borne diseases in the area and environmental hygiene in the area. Also arranged for the construction of the 5000 pit latrines.

Project details

  • Name of client National Water Supply and Drainage Board
  • Location Harrispattuwa Electorate
  • Country Sri Lanka
  • Start date April 1984
  • Completion date April 1986
  • Origin of funding FINNIDA
  • Name of partnersPlan Centre of Finland (Lead Firm)

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