UNDP\WB funded South East Region Water Resources Development Programme

Proposals were required for the South East Region Water Resources Development Programme which would include summaries of two feasibility studies recently completed for two substantial areas within the region. The Programme covers all aspects of water resources development rather than only flooding and drainage issues. The present situation in the region is similar to that of all regions of Bangladesh with an over abundance of water during the monsoon season and severe shortages in the dry season. Therefore, adequate domestic water supplies are the first priority requirement and all calculations for water availability for agriculture must allow for such supplies.

Project details

  • Name of client Bangladesh Water Development Board & the Ministry of Irrigation, Water Development and Flood Control, Bangladesh
  • Location Bangladesh
  • Country Bangladesh
  • Start date February 1991
  • Completion date May 1993
  • Origin of funding UNDP\WB
  • Name of partnersSir M. MacDonald & Partners Ltd., UK

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