IDA funded Bangladesh Drainage & Flood Control Project III

Project to provide flood protection to (a) Gumti (Phase I Project) (b) Naognon and (c) Madumati –Nabanganga covering 37,000 ha, 48,000 ha and 45,000 ha respectively. Project involves construction of civil works for effective flood control, improvement of drainage networks, irrigation development including land reclamation, slum upgrading and rural settlement, and roadwork necessary for effective operation and maintenance.

Project details

  • Name of client World Bank
  • Location Gumti, Naognon and Madumati
  • Country Bangladesh
  • Start date January 1988
  • Completion date 1990
  • Origin of funding World Bank
  • Name of partnersEngineering and Planning Consultants, Bangladesh Sir William Halcrow, UK

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