Roads and Highways
With over three decades of engagement in providing consulting services in Roads and Highways, this sector is a core discipline area of RDC’s expertise. Today the company has a sound understanding of the development issues in the sector, and consequently is well positioned to harness opportunities. Key services provided in the sector include:
  • feasibility studies
  • preliminary and detailed engineering design
  • construction supervision
  • contract management
  • rehabilitation and maintenance
  • training and institutional strengthening
RDC facilitates delivery of services within various developmental and contractual contexts for improved planning and construction of Highways, Trunk Roads, Rural Access Roads, Feeder and Secondary Roads, Flyovers and Bridges.

RDC’s capability in the sector further comprise of expertise in traffic analysis, planning and inter-modal transport studies, social and environmental impact assessments, resettlement planning, inter alia as the specific project requires.

The service profile offered includes specialist areas such as resource planning, project management, review of management and institutional issues in association with planning and delivery of infrastructure development programmes.

RDC has carried out several projects in the Roads and Highways sector in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka. Details of some key representative projects are provided below.

Representative Projects:
Bangladesh | Indonesia | India | Papua New Guinea | Sri Lanka


IDA funded Bangladesh Rural Roads and Markets Improvement Project

The objective of the project was to rehabilitate flood damaged roads and bridges, and construct new bridges in the western and north western region of the country with access to growth centres and to provide technical assistance to the implementing agency. Services provided were design and design review, technical specifications and construction supervision of bridges, access roads and culverts, including material testing and providing technical guidance.

Road Improvement Contract - Daulaidia to Kushtia- in Bangladesh

The project implemented the rehabilitation and improvement works of the selected road. The scope of services involved provision of survey data required for the construction, checking all stakes installed, ensuring work in accordance with drawings, regular inspection of schedules and civil works, monitoring the quality of civil works and maintaining a permanent record of all test reports. Services included revising plans and specifications as necessary. All inputs made within a framework of timely assistance to the contractors and submission of completion reports.


IBRD Funded Second Rural Roads Development Project

RDC provided consultancy services to the Ministry of Public Works, Government of Indonesia, to effectively implement a program of rural road rehabilitation and improvement, including institutional strengthening. Tasks involved project preparation surveys, site investigations, material testing, detailed designs, pre-qualification of contractors and bid documentation. The program also completed a feasibility study on traffic demands and axle loads, and carried out construction supervision, including guidance on methods of applying simplified quality control procedures. Other tasks carried out involved the preparation and implementation of an on-the-job training program focusing on construction techniques, road maintenance, equipment utilization, planning, co-ordination and supervision. In addition, the project formulation, planning, organization, implementation and bridge maintenance of the Kabupaten Road was undertaken.


WB funded Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project – Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision and Contract Administration

This project provided services for construction supervision and contract administration on the Karnataka State Highways Improvement Project, comprising road works of a number of contracts for the Ministry of Public Works Department – PWD, Government of Karnataka, India. The main objective of the services was construction supervision and contract administration of the international contract improvement works, to ensure that all works are carried out according to the stipulated conditions of contract, specifications, drawings, etc. and to attend to all other duties needed for the successful implementation of the project, e.g. coordination and direction of the supervision staff, liaison with other contracts, etc.


ADB funded Technical Assistance for the Organizational Strengthening of Construction and Maintenance Division and Support to Field Operations – Papua New Guinea

The objective of this consultancy was to strengthen the Construction and Maintenance Division, Department of Works, PNG, and provide support and training to national officers. This Division was responsible for the implementation of the Government’s Capital Works Programme with special responsibility for the administration, coordination and maintenance of these programmes in nineteen provinces. RDC provided contract management and engineering advisory services on the execution of ADB funded construction projects. Tasks entailed advising counterpart staff on procurement methods of the ADB to ensure timely compliance with conditions of loans and execution of projects; and ensuring satisfactory supervision of all works under the Transport Improvement Development Project in accordance with the requirements of the State and the ADB, as well as ensuring that the implementing agencies had capacity to satisfactorily supervise the undertaken works.


ADB funded Southern Transport Development Project – Engineering Feasibility and Detailed Design

RDC provided a team of road design engineers, geotechnical engineers, traffic engineers, survey specialists, resettlement specialists, sociologists, environmental experts and other support staff to carry out the preliminary and detailed engineering services. This proposed highway aimed at improving the overall efficiency of the road sector as part of a strategy for raising national economic performance. The services provided were on a two component basis as follows.

Preliminary Design Phase: Key elements were to determine appropriate design standards and parameters on the basis of the Feasibility Study considering appropriateness and economy; reach agreement with the Road Development Authority (RDA) and the ADB on the standards and parameters; and establish final alignment based on the approved trace of the feasibility study.

The project also carry out numerous sub-studies to enable detailed designs, such as improve the trace of the alignment by avoiding critical locations, e.g. built up areas, environmentally sensitive areas, and seek favourable alignment features, such as intersections with existing roads, major bridge locations, areas with minimal resettlement or land acquisition requirements. Develop and design new or improved road access from the project road destination points, permitting an appropriate level of service for the expected level of traffic. Update traffic assignment and forecast, determine traffic parameters for pavement and road design. Execute traffic design, including passing lanes, service points, layout and locations of intersections, inter alia. Carried out accurate topographic survey covering a band 100m on each side of the approved design alignment. Evaluation of the land tenure, land ownership patterns, land values, socio-economic and political parameters of relocation and resettlement of affected families through a program of comprehensive environmental impact assessment studies. The project analysed the data generated by these sub studies and recommended optimal solutions.

Detailed Engineering Phase: Based on recommendations of the above phase of the project, and instructions for the execution of geo-technical and hydraulic investigations, this component prepared the detailed design for the Project. Tasks involved additional topographic and other surveys, geotechnical investigations, hydraulic and hydrological studies, finalization of geometric design, road safety audit of the design, updating the EIA and resettlement plan in consultation with the RDA. Work included preparation of detailed specifications for each work item, taking into account relevant standards. Prepared pre-qualification and contract documentation based on ADB’s sample documents, and assisted the RDA with selection of contractor, preparation of detailed terms of reference, staffing, etc and cost estimates required for contract supervision.

JBIC supported Southern Transport Development Project - Construction Supervision of the Northern Section of the Southern Highway, Sri Lanka

RDC fielded professionals in construction supervision and management along with specialists in material and quantity analysis, soils investigation, highway and bridge design, and resident engineering services. The proposed Southern Transport Development Project (STDP) for which funds were provided by the Japanese Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) is for the construction of a new controlled access highway, inclusive of four lane and two lane highway components. The project services were designated in a two fold manner addressing design review and construction supervision. Phase 1 considered all possibilities of cost reduction of the works by making adjustments to the designs, as technically acceptable within the approved design standards and specifications, and incorporating the designs of the utility agencies in relevant construction drawings. The phase 2 construction supervision component involved checking and evaluating agreed upon contractors’ work plans, maintaining continuous check of the design of bridges carried out by the contractors, and provided necessary technical assistance.

ADB-EU funded Tsunami Affected Areas Rebuilding Project (TAARP)

Implemented through the RDA, this project was formulated to rebuild and rehabilitate Tsunami affected roads and bridges in the South and South East region of Sri Lanka. RDC in association with PCI of Japan fielded an over 20 member team to carry out project design services and construction supervision. A total of over 300 kms of roads in the Eastern and Southern province were improved under the project. The scope of services for all contracts included contract administration, quality control and construction supervision.

World Bank funded Road Sector Assistance Project – Feasibility Studies and Design of National Roads

RDC fielded varied engineering professionals along with traffic management, environmental and social assessment experts to carry out techno-economic feasibility studies on the 1,300 kms. of national roads already identified for rehabilitation through a strategic study and provided a priority ranking. The improvement works were to comprise two types of road, consisting of widening to two lane or four lane from the existing lane width. Work included pavement strengthening, improving the cross and side drainage. The type two roads comprised of resurfacing / improving works involving strengthening of existing pavement and improving longitudinal and cross drainage provisions.

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