Multi-disciplinary Consulting Areas

RDC provides consulting services for the following practise areas and activities:

Forestry, Agriculture and Fisheries | Urban, Rural and Regional Development | Women in Development, Gender and Conflict Analysis | Health and Population | Information & Communications Technology (ICT)/MIS | Architectural and Civil Engineering | Railways

Forestry, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Forestry sector rehabilitation and conservation plans, formulation of strategies for mobilisation of the community in forest development and conservation (participatory forestry), agro forestry development and development of forest based products.
  • Agricultural development and extension in support of tropical and tree crop economy, crop production and diversification, livestock and diary development, post harvest technology, agricultural research and support services, agri-industries, agri-business and marketing.
  • Carry out consultancies for planning and modernization of fisheries infrastructure and development, both for sea and inland fisheries as a food source and economic sector advancement.

Urban, Rural and Regional Development
  • Planning and design of new townships and related infrastructure services.
  • Planning of clean settlements: identification of sites and services, design of agricultural service centres, planning and design of village centres, agricultural land use and settlement planning schemes, socio-economic surveys and environmental impact studies; planning, implementation and evaluation of integrated rural development and regional development projects.

Women in Development, Gender and Conflict Analysis
  • Formulation of strategies to increase the involvement of women in the development process.
  • Improving womens access to resources with the objective of poverty alleviation and equitable development.
  • Integration of project interventions to support gender balance and conflict prevention and ensuring do-no-harm in interventions as relevant in project services.
  • Analysis of these topical areas are undertaken as part of larger project activities or stand alone studies as required.
  • RDCís corporate philosophy supports progressive values and processes in support of balanced decision making towards overall sustainability.

Health and Population
  • Strengthening public and primary health care systems. Health Sector Administration. Family planning, health care delivery systems at district and village levels.
  • Carry out population and demographic studies for planning purposes.

Information & Communications Technology (ICT)/MIS
  • Design and implement Management Information Systems and recommend appropriate hardware.
  • Development of Communication Technology for dissemination of information among project implementation agencies.
  • Training of key staff of selected institutions in ICT operation and maintenance.

Architectural and Civil Engineering
  • Carry out services ranging from feasibility studies, preparation of master plans, schematic designs, detailed architectural and structural designs.
  • Preparation of quantitative survey estimates, contract documents, bid evaluation, contract management and construction supervision of wide range of building and infrastructure development including landscaping.

  • Planning and design of railway networks through evaluation of prevailing commuter demands as relevant, including planning with integrated links to road transportation systems.

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