Irrigation and Water Resources
RDC has carried out projects in the Irrigation and Water Resources sector from the very inception of the firmsí operation. The experience associated with the study and rehabilitation of Sri Lankaís ancient irrigation systems, coupled with the modern-day investments in large scale hydro dams and land settlement schemes, has given RDCís consultants an in-depth understanding of the issues and opportunities in this field.

A variety of service delivery combinations can be provided in the sector, inclusive of feasibility studies, design, construction supervision, project management, along with financial and institutional strengthening of associated institutions and agencies. RDCís experts are equipped with knowledge in new technology for modelling and simulating exercises where necessary to provide services for effective project delivery.

Review and investigation into environmental impacts, catchment and water management are part of RDCís portfolio of services in the sector. In connection to water resources and environment, the study of hazardous leakages to soil, air or water is undertaken.

The range of services further include specific agricultural user requirements such as assessment of crop water and drainage requirements, design of irrigation systems, design of surface and sub-surface drainage systems, flood protection, control structures, pumping stations and other appurtenant structures associated with irrigation schemes.

As part of management strengthening inputs in the sector, RDC has provided training and institutional analysis to strengthen line agency operations and ensure cost efficient and effective service delivery.

Representative Projects:
Bangladesh | Pakistan | Sudan | Sri Lanka

Areas of Capability
  • Feasibility Studies,
  • Planning and engineering designs
  • Construction supervision and contract management
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology Projects
    • River Regulation and Flood Control Schemes
    • Command Area Development Projects
    • Dams, Reservoirs and Weirs and Hydro-electric Power Schemes
  • Irrigation and Drainage System Design
  • Crop water and drainage requirements
  • Stormwater, flood protection and control structures
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Training
RDC has carried out several projects in the Irrigation and Water Resources sector in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan and Sri Lanka. Details of some key representative projects are provided below.


UNDP/WB funded SE Region Water Resources Development Programme inclusive of Gumti - Phase II and Noakhali North Drainage and Irrigation Project

This program entailed consolidation of two feasibility studies recently completed and addressing aspects of water resources development, inclusive of drainage and flooding issues. Proposals were formulated and a regional plan report submitted. In addition, upgraded proposals for the Dakatia / Litle Feni transfer scheme, including drainage of adjacent areas. The final report presented a water resource development plan to provide sustainable development of all parts of the regional economy, taking into account social and environmental factors. Areas where flooding impeded drainage and hampered economic activity, the project identified a series of measures to alleviate these adverse effects. It evaluated available water resources and proposed studies for cost effective development through-out the region.

Water Management Improvement Project, Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)

The project involves enhancing institutional performance of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) and Water Resources Planning Organization (WARPO) and improving national water resources management by involving the local communities, to play an expanded role in all stages of the project cycle. The project consists of three key components, i.e. system improvement and management transfer-SIMT; O&M; performance improvement and institutional strengthening. The project is expected to result in reduced vulnerability and enhanced livelihood opportunities for the beneficiaries, and create a favourable environment for improved water management by the core water institutions in partnership with beneficiaries.

Review of Options for the Development of Ground and Surface Water Irrigation Project ADB TA to the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)

RDC was the lead firm on this technical assistance to the BWDB, the agency responsible for the development of irrigation, flood control and drainage schemes in Bangladesh. The BWDB handled 4 major surface water schemes. The main objective of the study was to review the existing schemes to identify areas within them and other minor schemes which are not adequately supplied with water for irrigation during the dry season. The consultants reviewed the coverage of existing irrigation schemes, compiled data, assessed prevailing mechanisms, legal and organisational procedures by which BWDB operates, to ascertain the economic viability of these schemes. The review further examined the reasons why farmers installed irrigation wells privately in the BWDB scheme areas, assessed the acreage that can be opened up to added minor irrigation facilities, evaluated the impact of such measures; the configuration of existing surface water and ground water regimes, and examined the technical implications of removing site restrictions. In conclusion, the review made recommendations towards the conjunctive development of both private groundwater schemes and public surface water systems run by the BWDB.


Left Bank Outfall Drain

Funded by the World Bank and relevant government agencies in Pakistan, RDC associated with the lead firm, Mott McDonald Group of the UK to evolve a scheme for resettlement of persons and livestock affected by the construction of the Chotiari Reservoir to ensure that the resettlement action plan proposed by the donor agencies and the Government of Pakistan is implemented.


RDC provided experts, to lead firm Lahmeyer International, GmbH of Germany under a Sub Consultancy Agreement, on the Kenana and Rahad II Irrigation Projects Ė Review of Previous Investigations and Preparation of Tender Design and Documents, Sudan. The project was located 200 km south of Khartoum and north of the Roseires Dam and was formulated to develop designs for the layout of irrigation structures for application in the construction of the main conveyor channels. The services provided by RDC included : designing layout of irrigation blocks within each sector, designing of supply canal and drainage canals, hydraulic and structural design of irrigation and associated structures; preparation of bills of quantities of the works and bid documents. Design work was carried out using the Aquaterra and AutoCAD software.

Sri Lanka

Irrigation Systems Management Project

Funded by USAID, the project locations within Sri Lanka were the Polonnaruwa and Ampara Districts. RDC associated with the lead firm Sheladia Associates Inc. of the USA to provide a package of technical assistance to the Irrigation Department and the Irrigation Management Division in relation to the rehabilitation of five major irrigation schemes to develop 175,000 acres of existing irrigated land in these districts.

World Bank funded National Water Management Improvement Project Ė Project Preparation study Report and Project Implementation Plan

This project was carried out by RDC in association with the Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation of Australia, as the lead firm. The report and project implementation plan prepared covered technical institutional and economic analysis, social/environmental assessment, procurement and financial management and also covered the respective individual scope of the components, which included Dam Safety Assurance and Operational Efficiency Improvement; Hydro-meteorological Information System Development; Technical Assistance for Multi-Sectoral Water Resources Planning and Institutional Development and Capacity Building.

North-East Irrigated Agriculture Rehabilitation Project - Productivity Enhancement Studies of Major Irrigation Settlement Schemes Ė Northern Province and Border Districts Funded by the World Bank and awarded to RDC by the North- East Provincial Council, the objective of this assignment was to conduct a productivity enhancement study in order to formulate a short and long term strategy to upgrade income generating opportunities and improve the standard of living of the rural households of the area in a sustainable manner where the irrigation settlement schemes are situated.

Installation of Water Measuring Structures and Farmer Training in the Newly Rehabilitated Irrigation System in the Kalawewa Yoda Ela area in the Mahailluppalama Management Block

This World Bank funded project was awarded to RDC by the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka. The objective of the project was to develop a plan to improve the adequacy of the conveyance capacity the canal systems, ensuring reliability and equity in irrigation and water distribution which would assure the safety of the canals during the peak periods of demand and delivery of water. The Water Measurement Plan developed by RDCís Consultants also provided for training of farmers and members of farmer organizations in the operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes and water management and the development of a computer database for all channel data including calibration charts and operation and maintenance schedules.

Walawe Left Bank Irrigation Upgrading and Extension Project (Phase II, Sl-P48)

This project was carried out by RDC as the sole contractor for the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka. The Mahaweli Authority felt it was essential to introduce effective water management practices to beneficiaries to improve irrigation efficiency to realize the anticipated benefits from the development of this project. RDCís Consultants carried out a study of the condition of the irrigation system and O&M practices in the Sevenagala sugar plantation area, and implemented measures for the improvement of the tertiary irrigation system management under selected farmer organizations in the Walawe Left Bank area and improvement of the main irrigation system management in the Walawe left and right bank areas.

Maduru Oya System ďBĒ Pilot Project and Downstream Development Project

This project, a part of the landmark Mahaweli trans-basin irrigation program, was formulated to develop the land use and settlement plan for 8,000 ha,and sample areas of 40,000 ha intended to serve as a model for development. Services covered review of soil surveys and environmental study proposals for agricultural development and cropping patterns. Project also identified surface water supply source and means to increase agricultural productivity. New settlements developed inclusive of farm lands, homesteads, market centres and land use structure plans. Subsequently this was followed by the Maduru Oya Downstream development project, which provided irrigation facilities to the plans developed and settled over 30,000 farmer families in the area.

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