Institutional Strengthening
Efficient finance and management services are vital to setting in place effective systems of operation and value addition. While RDCís experience began in the infrastructure sector, very quickly our expertise grew to undertake institutional strengthening, financial analysis and modelling, management and information systems design, along with development of associated training modules.

Today, we have a solid base of expertise and experience to carry out finance, management and institutional strengthening services in Governance, Finance and Infrastructure organisations.

Working with prevailing conditions, cultures and capacity, RDCís experts engage to build up the financial and management systems and skills for enhanced delivery of services.

Good management in the context of culture is a key requirement for effectiveness. Recognising this fact as a growing requirement in the emerging Asian countries, RDCís experts, exposed to the best of the east and west, are well placed to provide transformative services.

Profile of Services

  • Public Finance Management
  • Restructuring Administrative and Management Systems
  • Human Resource Development and Training
  • Design of MIS Systems
  • Customer demand Analysis
  • Design of service delivery mechanisms
  • Review and revision of regulatory mechanisms
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
Countries in which RDC has carried out services in the sector include the Lao PDR, Cambodia, China, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan and Afghanistan; along with wide experience in Sri Lanka.


Representative Projects:
Lao Pdr | Cambodia | China | Papua New Guinea | Bhutan | Afghanistan | Sri Lanka


ADB Funded Project for Establishment of a National Audit Office in Lao PDR

The ADB assisted the Government of Lao PDR in restructuring the Administrative and Management Systems of the Government Service, and developed an independent audit system, as these were considered important elements for good governance. This project assisted the Lao PDR to establish an independent Audit Authority within government; set up rules and procedures of the Authority and train officials assigned to the said Authority. RDC provided the consultants to chart out a course of action to establish the National Audit Authority based on the current status and national requirements. Tasks entailed preparation of regulations and procedures, and training of officials in conducting effective audits of government institutions.


Training Programme for the National Audit Authority and Ministry of Economy and Finance, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Services involved planning and organizing the training of officers in the Auditor-Generals Department and officers of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia under two ADB assisted projects respectively. The training included a study tour to the Auditor-Generalís Dept of Sri Lanka.


ADB/TA Project for Institutional Strengthening of the Agricultural Bank of China.

A technical assistance programme to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional base of the Agriculture Bank of China, with a view to providing assistance to reorganize management and financial systems to enable the Bank to more effectively meet the growing demands of the agricultural sector.


ADB Advisory and Operational Technical Assistance Project for Agriculture Credit and Rural Savings Study

The successful implementation of the PNG Governmentís development programme called for a banking system that would extend itself into the rural sector to meet their financial needs, especially in order to bring the small holder business community within the influence of the cash and market economy. RDCís consultants in collaboration with the National Research Institute of PNG recommended feasible ways in which this need could be fulfilled, assessing the rural agricultural financial sector covering identification of needs, potential issues, constraints, and an assessment of savings mobilization in the country.


ADB Advisory Technical Assistance for the institutional Strengthening of the Department of the National Budget and Account Ė Government of Bhutan

This ADB/ Advisory TA set out guidelines and recommendations for institutional strengthening of the Dept of National Budgets and Accounts, Bhutan. The services were addressed at capacity improvement to better monitor and manage public sector finances, and strengthen the capacity for national budgeting and accounting. This ADB funded technical assistance was carried out by RDC in association with BMB Management Consulting for Development, Netherlands.


UNDP Funded Development of a System of National Accounts for the Central Bank of Afghanistan

RDC provided the services of a Technical Advisor with expertise in finance and statistics who carried out a review of the existing systems for the preparation of national accounts of public enterprises and the adequacy of the data base.


  • JBIC Funded Study on the Local Public Finance System in Sri Lanka
  • ADB Funded Rural Finance Sector Development
  • ADB Funded Local Finance / Management Consultancy for the Southern Province Rural Development Project
  • ADB Funded Study on Financing Social Services
  • IDA Funded Lending Arrangements for Local Government Development and Restructuring of the Local Loans Development Fund
  • Implementation of an Incentive Scheme for Tax Collection
  • ADB Funded Institutional Review and Development of the Ceylon Electricity Board
  • ADB Funded Technical Assistance Services to the Irrigation Department for the Kirindi Oya Irrigation and Resettlement Project
  • Technical Support for the Urban Programme Unit of the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Construction
  • Reorganizing the Financial Operation of the Road Development Authority
  • Financial Management Services for the National Water Supply and Drainage Board
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